Our Story

1987 Mizco International Inc is born

In 1987 we expanded our family retail business and took a trip to Asia in search of the coolest products we can sell. We didn’t find the next big thing, but we came back with a unique product line of accessories––a cool line of laptop cases and video lights. We rented a small warehouse in Brooklyn, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.

1990 The beginning of Cellular time

The cellular industry was beginning to sprout. We finally found our next big thing. We traveled back to Asia. Soon after, we became one of the earliest aftermarket manufacturers of cell phone accessories. We named our brand Cellular Innovations.

1996 Mizco is the cellular industry expert

Over 5000 independent cellular retail shops and hundreds of service providers and baby bells across the country rely on Mizco to provide expertise on chargers, batteries, cases, and replacement parts. Early generation analog cellphones ate through batteries and demand was so high for better replacement batteries. We built our own battery assembly plant in Brooklyn, with production capacity of 5,000 cellphone batteries a day.

1997 Digipower pioneers digital camera power

Digital cameras were getting popular. We bought a digital camera to shoot pictures for our catalog, but the AA batteries kept dying. Mr. Jay Lee, the battery engineer, designed a battery pack to plug in to the camera. We found that we could get over 100 pictures without replacing batteries. We invented the first auxiliary power supply for digital cameras and then went on to be the power specialist for all imaging and wireless devices.

2007 Mizco launches iEssentials

Apple reinvents itself with the introduction of the iPod. The iPod changes the way we listen to music and becomes the must have personal device. Mizco entered a license agreement with Apple to manufacture certified Made for iPod accessories.

2008 Mizco opens new International Headquarters in Avenel, NJ

By 2008, we had outgrown our home at the landmark Brooklyn Army Terminal in Brooklyn, NY and moved into our own 100,000 sq. ft. headquarters and warehouse in Avenel, NJ.

2009 Mizco becomes the first ever licensee for Travelocity

When the Travelocity people heard we were planning to launch accessories for travelers, they offered a perfect partnership. Just as Travelocity represents a trusted brand for travel value to millions of people, Travelocity accessories also represent reliability and great value.

2010 Marc Ecko taps Mizco to develop his signature line of ECKO Unltd audio products

Marc is not only a fashion legend and artist, but he is also a publisher and a techy. He only wanted to partner with a company that had the capability to make cutting edge products that represented his iconic style. We collaborated directly with Marc to design the coolest headphones and speakers.

2011 ToughTested is Made to Go To Work

In 2011 we introduced the Pro Charger, the first cellphone charger designed for trucks, featuring a heavy duty 12 ft cord and extreme temperature tolerance. The success of the Pro Charger encouraged us to dedicate a team to design and build industrial grade products based around our expertise in power, audio, and device protection.

2014 Re-Fuel launches at the International CES

With the popularity of the GoPro, drones, and GPS, we wanted to bring consumers accessories that keep up with the action. Whether on the mountain, off road, or off shore, Re-fuel makes accessories that are specifically designed to extend and enhance the outdoor sports experience.